There will always be a certain amount of cutting and trimming necessary on the job site, such as for openings and gable end panels.  Tin snips are more than adequate for the job: however, if u use an electric saw, you should use a steel cutting blade.  For even better results, cutting may also be accomplished by a portable shear profiled to conform to the panel for perfect across-the-profile cutting.

Panels are to be cut one at a time and should be turned with the exterior side down and the reverse side up on order that the hot metal particles and filings from the cutting do not become embedded in and cause rust marks on the exterior face of the panel.  Also, care should be taken to brush off all panel particles after cutting to further reduce the possibility of rust marks and bleeding on the panel after it is installed.  To prevent unsightly premature edge rust on exposed edges, which includes factory cut edges, we recommend coating with an acrylic clear coat or equivalent clear coat