Premier Products doors are fabricated from minimum spangle hot dipped smooth or textured Galvanized steel, mill treated for proper paint adherence.  Door steel is smooth surface for prime painted doors and leather grain textured for pre-finished doors.

Reversible doors have a pre-foamed polystyrene slab of 1.0# test density filling the inside of the door.  The core is secured to the face sheets with a waterproof adhesive applied with automated spray equipment.  "U" Factor = .24C -- "R" Factor = 4.17 C.

Doors are beveled1/8" in 2" on lock edge for neat fit and security with 1/8 clearance at head, 3/32" clearance at jambs, 1/4 clearance at meeting edges of pairs and 3/4" floor clearance.

Doors are treated with metal prep zinc-chromate wash primer to produce a long lasting surface.

Double Doors
Double doors are achieved by selecting two single doors and attaching an astragal to close the gap between doors.  A cylindrical hole filler enables you to use 2-CY type doors from stock


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