Type:  Mini Storage Doors.
Operation:  rope pull.
Mounting:  interior face mounted.


Sheet: 26 gauge galvanized steel roll formed in continuous corrugation.  Galvanized and finished with baked epoxy primer and baked polyester topcoat.
Side Stripping: p.v.c. rubber to be attached to curtain edges.
Bottom Bar:
Curtain reinforced with a bottom bar consisting of 14 gauge galvanized steel angle with E.P.D.M. astragal.

Spring Counterbalance

Drum: to be formed with 28 gauge galvanized steel sheet rolled around and attached to stamped galvanized steel drums to restrict deflection to .03" per foot of door width.
Springs:  oiled tempered, grease packed helical torsion type designed to cycle 12,500 times with an overload factor of 25%.  Springs are mounted on a 1"  black steel pipe of minimum 13 gauge.

  Support Brackets

Support Brackets:  1/18" thick structural steel angles welded into a reinforced triangular configuration.

Guide Assembly

Guides:  roll formed 18 gauge galvanized steel channels.

  Weather Seal (optional):

Side Draft Stop:  closed cell ethafoam attached to edge of sheet.
Top Draft Stop:  E.P.D.M. seal attached to top of curtain to seal against header.


Curtain Lock:  to be hardened galvanized steel slide bolts attached to bottom angle suitable for padlocking.


Ungalvanized Surfaces: shop coated with rust reducing black prime paint.

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