Commercial grade doors are appropriate for heavy use areas.   Commercial doors over 12' come with a reduced drive chain hoist and can be equipped with an electric operator.  Below is a chart comparing commercial grade drum doors to mini-drum doors.  For more detailed information see the commercial drum door spec sheet or the mini-drum door spec sheet.

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  Commercial Drum Door Mini-Drum Door
Opening Method Chain hoist* Rope Pull-Up
Motorized Opener Available Not Available
Locking Method Inside foot slider locks Outside dual slide bolt lock
Hardware Kit Heavy Duty Standard
Available Sizes 6' to18' up to 10'

     *chain hoist included on doors 12' wide or 12' high, but can be added to any commercial grade door.

Commercial Drum Doors  |   Commercial Drum Door Spec Sheet
Mini-Drum Doors  |  Mini-Drum Door Spec Sheet
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